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Who are we

With over 30 years experience in the Eyewear and Optical Industry - Fiberoptics was born out of a passion to produce a more natural sustainable sunglass that is fun, practical and pleasant on the eyes


Each frame is individually unique, no two frames are identical. So you are getting a fully custom, fully sic, eco-friendly frame. It's super lightweight, precision cut and all of the edges are smoothed for comfort. Woods that are used include Zebra Wood, Padauk Wood, Skateboard Wood and Bamboo. It's healthy, natural and green. 


Stainless Steel Spring Hinges are used on all models to ensure the arms can flex-out when needed. This ensures comfort when putting them on and off and also wearing them up on your head. We're a lifestyle brand and your comfort and viewing pleasure is our priority.


We assess every frame and hammer test the lenses to make sure the product you receive is 100% fault proof. We are thrilled you want to purchase on of our eco-friendly Fiber Optics models and we don't want you to be disappointed in any way. Thanks for you support ❤️

Get out and enjoy this gift of life.

We love getting outside and hitting the beach. Surfing is one of our passions. You may have noticed that the sunglass models are named after some of a fav surf beaches. Most are on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW but there is also an iconic Sydney beach and two sneaky VIC surf spots thrown in the mix as well.


Make sure you SLIP on a shirt, SLOP on some sunscreen, SLAP on a hat and SLIDE on a pair of Fiber Optics Sunnies.

What SUNSCREEN do we recommend and use?
SEAGULL MILK - It's all natural, non-greasy, non-slippery and smells great also. Check em out - https://seagullmilk.com.au/


We are helping you to do your part in giving back to this great land by planting a tree with every sunglass or optical frame sold. If you want to read more about our Plant a Tree initiative >> click here 
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